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How do you drink a Miller Lite?

How do you drink a Miller Lite?

Welcome to our new blog series... How Do You Wisconsin? Growing up in Wisconsin, BEER, of course, was a family staple. My grandpa used to drink 2 beers every single day of his life - the first one went down fast (thirsty after a hard days work at the paper mill). The second beer was for enjoyment.

I was given my first taste of beer when I was only 3 years old. Old Style! How classic is that!

As an adult, I still love a crisp cold beer and have found that my taste buds haven't developed much. I'll take an Old Style or a good ole fashioned Miller Lite any day! Yup, I admit it - I like Miller Lite!

Now, let's talk about the consumption of a Miller Lite. Personally, I'm rather old fashioned and simply drink my cold beer as my grandpa used to... one at a time through the lip of a beer bottle while wearing a Wisconsin Up shirt of course. But alas, times have changed and people have come up with several unique and rather crazy ways to consume beer. My question for you today is... How do you drink a Miller Lite?

Do you shotgun it? For the very few readers who may not yet know what that means: Shotgunning occurs by puncturing a hole in the side of a beer can, covering the hole with your mouth, and opening the top tab for force the beer out by creating air pressure. Ummm... genius!

Do you substitute it for milk in your morning cereal bowl? I mean come on... Beerios (beer and Cheerios) is the true breakfast of champions, am I right?!

Maybe you prefer Beer Pong, Dizzy Bat, T-Wolfing, Keg Stands, Shower Beers, Shooting the Boot, Flip Cups or and Ice Luge? 

Another option is you HATE Miller Lite and refuse to touch the stuff. Either way - we want to hear from you! 

Tristan from Wisconsin Up 

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